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13 leaders spearheading the Trieste Model in Los Angeles. 


In November 2017, a group of 13 leaders from Los Angeles County traveled to Trieste, Italy to attend a conference, “The Right and Opportunity to Have a Whole Life,” sponsored by the Franca and Franco Basaglia International School.  During the course of that week, the Los Angeles delegation experienced the warm hospitality of the Dipartimento di Salute Mentale as key officials arranged for site visits and meetings to introduce various aspects of their globally-renown community-based system of care.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, the delegation has continued to meet monthly and is resolved to work with local and state leaders to promote a Trieste-inspired prototype in Los Angeles County.  This website both collects what has been generated to date by the delegation, but also serves as a portal to educate those who are curious about the remarkable system that exists in Trieste.

Members of the Los Angeles Delegation

Sgt Annadennise Briz, Sgt, Mental Evaluation Team, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Sarah Dusseault, Commissioner Los Angeles Services Homeless Authority (LAHSA)

Brittney Weissman, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Chapter, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

Dr. Piero D’Ingillo, Law Enforcement Psychologist, LA County Sheriff’s Department

Anthony Ruffin, HOME Team, LA County Department of Mental Health

Lt. Brian Bixler, Mental Evaluation Unit, LAPD

Kerry Morrison, Stanton Fellow 2016-17; former Exec. Director, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance (1996-2019)

Tracey Whitney, Mental Health Deputy, LA County Office of the District Attorney

Judge James Bianco, Superior Court, Department 95, L.A. County

Lt. David Petrocelli, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Phyllis Owens, Program Director, Community Partners

Caroline Kelly, former chair, LA County Mental Health Commission; consultant to LADMH

Dr. Jonathan Sherin, Director, L.A. County Department of Mental Health

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