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This gallery curates videos that help to illuminate the growing relationship between Los Angeles County and the leaders of the WHO-recognized mental health system in Trieste, Italy.  

In November, 2017, a delegation from Los Angeles attended an international conference in  Trieste,  Italy and participated in a week of site visits to view the various aspects of a remarkable community-based whole-person mental health system.  Within three weeks of their return home, on December 11, 2017, the delegation reported on the highlights of their trip. This briefing was held at the LA Headquarters of the Department of Mental Health.

During the week of September 24, 2018, a delegation from Trieste, Italy visited Los Angeles and toured the various aspects of our county mental health system. The visitors were: Dr. Roberto Mezzina, Dr. Tommaso Bonavigo, Dr. SR Sashidharan, Daniele Piccione and Gabriella D’Ambrosini. At the end of the week, a luncheon was held at the DMH Peer Resource Center, and our visitors were provided an opportunity to share what they observed during the week and offer comments to inspire hope and encouragement that we can work together to improve conditions for people in Los Angeles living with mental illness. Thanks to Patricia Russell

for filming these comments and granting access.

Dr. Roberto Mezzina shares his observations from the week.

Comments by Professor Sashi Sashidharan, University of Glasgow.

Comments by Gabriella D’Ambrosi, psychiatric nurse, (translated by Dr. Tommaso Bonavigo).

Comments by Dr. Tommaso Bonavigo and Professor Sashi Sashidharan

Comments by Dr. Sherin and  all visitors about what is possible in Los Angeles.

Kerry Morrison, Stanton Fellow 2016-17, describes the gathering sponsored by the Durfee Foundation, how her fellowship journey led her to discover the remarkable mental health system in Trieste Italy. This “pecha-kucha” was delivered in September 2017. (A pecha-kucha is a presentation format which is limited by 20 slides, and 20 seconds per slide.)

Gratitude expressed by Kerry Morrison to the team at DSM in Trieste for their hospitality during the month of March.

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